The world of luxury yachts is no stranger to opulence and innovation. However, every so often, a vessel emerges that redefines the boundaries of maritime luxury. Enter “Luminosity” by Benetti – a yacht that seamlessly blends technological advancements with unparalleled luxury.

A Deep Dive into Luminosity by Benetti

Benetti, a renowned name in the yacht-building industry, has always been synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship. With Luminosity, they’ve taken their legacy a step further. This yacht isn’t just a floating mansion; it’s a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets luxury.

Design and Features

Luminosity spans an impressive 353 feet (107.6 meters), making it one of the largest hybrid yachts in the world. Its exterior, characterized by vast glass surfaces, offers panoramic views from the interiors, ensuring guests are always connected to the sea.

One of the yacht’s standout features is its innovative use of light. As the name suggests, Luminosity is adorned with over 370 square meters of photovoltaic panels, which power the LED lighting system onboard. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also promotes sustainable energy use.

Benetti FB272 Luminosity

The interiors are nothing short of palatial. With six decks, the yacht can accommodate up to 27 guests in 12 suites, each epitomizing luxury. A standout feature is the 30-square-meter health and wellness area, complete with a gym, spa, and even a cold room.

Technological Marvel

Luminosity is a hybrid yacht, meaning it can run on both diesel and electric power. This not only reduces emissions but also ensures a quieter, smoother sailing experience. The advanced battery system allows the yacht to run silently overnight without the main engines, enhancing onboard comfort.


Length108 meters (353ft)
DesignerRaymond Langton Design Ltd.
Interior DesignerZaniz Interiors
Speed17 knots
EnginesCaterpillar Hybrid Propulsion (Diesel and Electric)
Volume5,844 ton
Special FeaturesPhotovoltaic panels, LED lighting system, health and wellness area
PriceUS $275 million
Annual Running CostUS $25 Million
OwnerKutayba Alghanim

Price and Ownership

The Luminosity yacht, a marvel of design and engineering, comes with a price tag of US $275 million. The proud owner of this magnificent vessel is Kutayba Alghanim, adding to the list of elite individuals who possess such bespoke maritime creations.


Luminosity by Benetti isn’t just a yacht; it’s a statement. A statement of luxury, innovation, and sustainability. In a world where yachting is often about making an impression, Luminosity does so, not just with its size and opulence but with its commitment to redefining the future of luxury yachting.

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