In the elite world of superyachts, few names evoke as much awe and admiration as the M/Y Eclipse Yacht. Not just for its sheer size or the opulence it embodies, but for the visionary melding of luxury with cutting-edge technology. Nestled amidst the waves, the Eclipse represents more than just a vessel—it’s a testament to human ambition and grandeur.

The Birth of a Maritime Legend

Commissioned by the business magnate Roman Abramovich and meticulously constructed by the maritime maestros at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, Germany, the Eclipse emerged as the world’s longest private yacht—a title it held until April 2013 when Azzam, a rival in grandeur, took the crown.

Yet, the title barely scratches the surface of what makes the Eclipse extraordinary. Terence Disdale’s touch, evident in both its interior and exterior design, speaks volumes of elegance in every corner, space, and function.

eclipse yacht roman Eclipse Yacht: The Floating Masterpiece of Luxury and Tech Prowess

An Insider’s Tour of the Eclipse Yacht

Beyond its steel structure, the Eclipse boasts of two helicopter pads, giving guests an aerial view of their surroundings. And with 24 guest cabins, each exuding luxury, guests are assured of a stay that rivals the finest hotels on land.

Should they wish to take a dip, there are two swimming pools, augmented by several hot tubs. For those looking to unwind and perhaps dance the night away, the yacht even houses its own disco hall.

One of the standout features is its mini-submarine, a marvel in maritime exploration, allowing guests to dive up to 50 meters deep—a dream for the adventurous elite.

eclipse main saloon Eclipse Yacht: The Floating Masterpiece of Luxury and Tech Prowess

Security Above All

Abramovich’s Eclipse isn’t just about luxury. In a world where privacy is premium, it comes fitted with an advanced missile detection system. And as if that wasn’t enough, the vessel is also rumored to house missile launchers and other self-defense mechanisms, ensuring the safety of its esteemed guests.

A Stabilization Marvel

In 2009, the Eclipse gained renown as the largest vessel to employ a rotor-based stabilization system. This intricate design, based on the Magnus effect, promises smooth sailing, even when the sea shows its temper.

eclipse yacht pool Eclipse Yacht: The Floating Masterpiece of Luxury and Tech Prowess

A Journey Through Time

After its launch in June 2009, Eclipse underwent rigorous sea trials in Frederikshavn, Denmark. By December 2010, it was ready to set sail, marking its completion when it was refueled in Kristiansand, Norway. Over the years, it’s been spotted from the Caribbean coasts of St. Martin and St. Barts to the enchanting waters of Göcek, Fethiye in Turkey.

Its value, as of June 2022, is an astonishing $438 million— a reflection not just of its physical attributes but of its stature in the world of superyachts.

M/Y Eclipse Specifications

Specification TitleDetails
Owner & Guests36
Cabin Configuration1 Master, 17 VIP
Length162.5m / 533’2
BuilderBlohm + Voss
Exterior DesignerTerence Disdale
Interior DesignTerence Disdale
Built | Refit2010 | 2015
Beam22.4m / 73’6
Gross Tonnage13,564 GT
Draft5.9m / 19’4
Cruising Speed20 Knots
Top Speed21 Knots


The Eclipse isn’t just a yacht; it’s a statement. A statement of luxury, of human engineering, and of the relentless pursuit of perfection. As it anchors in harbors around the world, it serves as a testament to what’s achievable when vision, craftsmanship, and ambition converge.

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