The Oceanco Tranquility, a majestic superyacht, is now offering an unparalleled opportunity for chartering in the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica. This 300-foot vessel, previously known as Equanimity, is a true marvel of maritime engineering, boasting an array of luxurious amenities and a capacity to accommodate up to 26 guests.

The Tranquility is a testament to Oceanco’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and design. Its interiors, designed by Andrew Winch, exude elegance and sophistication, featuring a harmonious blend of Asian-inspired decor and contemporary aesthetics. The yacht’s amenities are nothing short of extraordinary, including a beach club, a wellness center, and a fully equipped gym, ensuring a lavish experience for its guests.


Length91.5m / 300’2
Beam14.5m / 47’7
Draft4.09m / 13’5
Gross Tonnage2,998 GT
Cruising Speed12 Knots
Built2014 | 2023 (Refitted)
Exterior DesignerOceanco
Interior DesignWinch Design

The yacht’s expedition to Antarctica is a unique offering in the charter market. The Tranquility will navigate through the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula, offering its guests a chance to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of this remote wilderness. The journey will be led by EYOS Expeditions, a company renowned for its expertise in organizing bespoke expeditions in the world’s most remote and challenging environments.

The Tranquility’s Antarctic expedition is not just about luxury and comfort, but also about sustainability. The yacht is equipped with an advanced waste treatment system and meets the stringent environmental regulations of the Polar Code. This commitment to sustainability ensures that the Tranquility’s journey will have minimal impact on the fragile Antarctic ecosystem.

Seasonal Charter Rates

Summer: from €1,200,000 p/week + expenses (Approx $1,324,000)

Winter: from $1,100,000 p/week + expenses

In conclusion, the Oceanco Tranquility’s Antarctic charter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those seeking an extraordinary adventure in one of the world’s most pristine and awe-inspiring landscapes, all while enjoying the unparalleled luxury and comfort that this exceptional superyacht has to offer.

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