Since its inception in 1825, Codecasa Yachts has distinguished itself as a stalwart in the luxury yacht industry. This family-run shipyard, based in the heart of Italy’s maritime hub, Viareggio, boasts a nearly 200-year-old legacy of marine craftsmanship that epitomizes Italian sophistication.

The Genesis of Codecasa Yachts

Located in Viareggio, a city with a rich maritime tradition, Codecasa’s shipbuilding roots trace back to Giovanni Battista Codecasa’s shipwright days. As time flowed, the Codecasa family amplified their footprint in the shipbuilding arena, inaugurating their own shipyard in 1902. From crafting sailing boats and fishing vessels to constructing military ships, their range of expertise was vast.

However, it was during the 1920s that the company experienced a transformative phase. Led by Giovan Battista Codecasa, fondly addressed as Tistino, the shipyard underwent significant expansion. Despite the crippling effects of the Great Depression, Tistino’s foresight and strategic investments anchored the company’s survival. Recognizing the changing winds of the maritime industry, Codecasa adroitly transitioned from wood and sail to aluminum and power.

The subsequent era saw Tistino’s dynamic sons, Ugo and Sandro, pioneering Italy’s steel shipbuilding sector. Their foresight also tapped into the burgeoning luxury yacht market, positioning Codecasa as a leading player.

Codecasa Today: Crafting Waves in Luxury

The modern chapter of Codecasa is helmed by Ugo’s descendant, Fulvio Codecasa. Since 1973, under Fulvio’s visionary leadership, the company has seen an exponential rise in producing bespoke luxury yachts. The late 70s and 80s marked a pivotal period as Codecasa inaugurated the new Cantieri Navali Ugo Codecasa in 1977, followed by Codecasa Due in 1982 and Codecasa Tre in 1987.

In 2011, embracing the need for expanded production capacities, Codecasa Shipyards introduced a new facility in Pisa. To this day, Fulvio, flanked by his two daughters and sons-in-law, continues to steer Codecasa’s legacy forward.

Highlights about CODECASA Yachts
Yacht BuilderCodecasa Yachts
FounderGiovanni Battista Codecasa
HeadquartersViareggio, Italy
CEOFulvio Codecasa
Signature MaterialsSteel and Aluminum
Yacht Size Range30m to 70m
Notable LaunchMAIN Yacht for Giorgio Armani (2008)

Codecasa’s Iconic Creations

Codecasa’s signature Italian flair has given birth to numerous iconic yachts. A standout example is the sleek 34.6m open motor yacht named after Fulvio’s wife, MARIA CARLA, launched in 2004. Another testament to Codecasa’s grandeur is the MAIN Yacht, custom-built for the illustrious Italian fashion magnate, Giorgio Armani, in 2008. Stretching to 65m, it’s not only one of Italy’s largest yachts but also a testament to Codecasa’s ability to infuse personal style into their creations.


Today, Codecasa yachts stand as a testament to Italian luxury and almost two centuries of shipbuilding brilliance. For those seeking to experience the pinnacle of maritime opulence, a Codecasa yacht is more than a vessel; it’s a journey through Italy’s rich shipbuilding heritage.

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