The maritime realm recently witnessed the unveiling of another masterpiece – Liva, the latest flagship by the distinguished German shipyard, Abeking & Rasmussen. With a remarkable length of 118.2 metres, Liva isn’t just another addition to the luxury yacht industry; she stands as the largest creation by the shipyard to date, showcasing some of the most innovative design features.

A Dive into Liva’s Unique Features

The former Project Celerius turned heads right from the inception. Now, as Liva, she continues to amaze enthusiasts and professionals alike with features like the Neptune lounge, crowned by a vast semi-submerged window measuring an impressive 3.4 metres by 1.3 metres.

Joseph Dirand, the famed French architect responsible for Liva’s interior and exterior designs, had envisioned a yacht that radiated purity and contemporariness. He emphasized creating an expansive outdoor space, allowing occupants to feel one with the ever-changing marine landscape. Dirand’s vision certainly materialized as the yacht’s stunning black hull stands as a monolithic testament to modern yacht architecture.

Furthermore, the yacht houses an impressive 12-metre aft deck swimming pool. In a display of sheer ingenuity, this pool boasts a raisable floor which, when elevated, is concealed by liquid marble, giving the illusion of the sea’s calm surface.

The maritime marvel doesn’t end there. Liva’s distinctive features include:

  • A strategically positioned crow’s nest at the mast’s base.
  • A luxurious marble-clad firepit complemented by a crescent sofa on the sundeck.
  • An aft-located helipad.
  • Dual tender garages, with one even housing a 16-metre tender.

Abeking & Rasmussen’s collaboration with the Berlin-based Photon has rendered an exterior that’s a work of art. Liva boasts laser-welded shell plates and underwater anchors, ensuring a pristine, uninterrupted silhouette.

Performance Meets Luxury

Designed with a focus on serenity, Liva employs a diesel-electric propulsion system known for its remarkably quiet operation. The yacht can glide through waters at a top speed of 18 knots, boasting a range of 7,100 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 15 knots.

Matthias Hellmann, CEO of Abeking & Rasmussen, expressed his pride in Liva, stating that the yacht is a representation of the shipyard’s unwavering commitment to innovation, top-tier quality, and client contentment.

A New Era for Abeking & Rasmussen

Marking a pivotal moment in their illustrious journey, the delivery of Liva signifies Abeking & Rasmussen‘s ambitions and capabilities. The grandeur of Liva overshadows their previous flagship, Aviva, by almost 20 metres, placing Liva as the 33rd-longest yacht globally.

Liva Specs: A Testament to Advanced Maritime Engineering and Design

Redefining Maritime Propulsion and Comfort

At the heart of Liva’s quiet operation lies a sophisticated diesel-electric propulsion system, tailored for noiseless navigation and maneuvering. This advanced system incorporates two 2200 kW electric propulsion motors, expertly produced by RAMME Electric Machines GmbH and sourced from SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH. Complementing this, the yacht draws power from two 2240 kW Caterpillar main generators and three 599 kW Caterpillar auxiliary generators, courtesy of Zeppelin Power Systems. Four VOITH thrusters and SKF stabilizer fins ensure Liva’s unmatched maneuverability and serene comfort.

Liva Specs
Propulsion SystemDiesel-electric with two 2200 kW electric propulsion motors by RAMME Electric Machines GmbH
Electric Propulsion SupplierSER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH
Main GeneratorsTwo 2240 kW Caterpillar
Auxiliary GeneratorsThree 599 kW Caterpillar
Generator SupplierZeppelin Power Systems
ThrustersFour VOITH thrusters
Stabilizer FinsFour fins from SKF
Lower Deck Tender Garage16-meter day tender
Main Deck Tender GarageThree boats, a seven-passenger Triton Submersible, and assorted recreational equipment
Anchor DesignUnderwater anchors on the keel
Neptune Lounge Feature3.40m x 1.30m underwater window
Main Deck PoolMobile 12 x 4-meter pool with liquid marble elevatable floor
Crow’s NestObservation point at the foot of the mast
Forward SundeckMarble-clad fireplace with round sofa
HelipadCertified helicopter pad on the sky deck
Project ManagementCornelsen & Partner

An Array of Luxurious Amenities and Unique Design Choices

The Lower Deck of Liva presents a testament to inventive design with its spacious tender garage for a 16-meter day tender. Another tender garage on the Main Deck forward houses three opulent boats, a seven-passenger Triton Submersible, and a collection of recreational equipment. Unique design solutions include underwater anchors on the keel, replacing traditional anchor pockets, and the stunning Neptune Lounge with its expansive underwater window. The main deck also features a mobile 12 x 4-meter pool with an elevatable floor adorned with liquid marble, mimicking the sea’s surface.

Dedicated Havens for Observation and Relaxation

From Liva’s crow’s nest, passengers are promised unmatched panoramic views. The forward sundeck stands as a haven of warmth with its grand marble-clad fireplace and spacious round sofa. The yacht’s certified helicopter pad on the sky deck ensures swift access to remote locations.

Cornelsen & Partner’s expert project management played a pivotal role in realizing the owner’s vision for Liva. This masterpiece represents Abeking & Rasmussen’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the luxury yacht industry, setting new benchmarks for the world of superyachts.

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